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G Series air ends refurbished - overhauled at great prices

G Series air ends refurbished - overhauled at great prices

Re-bearing your air end before it fails

Extend the life of your existing rotary screw compressor, regular oil changes and services prolong life expectancy, but at some point in your compressors life the air-end and motor bearings will require renewal. don't let your air-end fail, the cost to renew is far in excess of a re-bearing.

Our service provides you with a re bearing air end that will last just as long as a new air end*

Whats Involved ?

The rebuild process starts with complete disassembly and inspection of the airend. All bearings, journals, gear fits, and bearing bores are visually inspected and measured. All housings and rotor sets are inspected for damage. Our standard scope of work includes installation of bearings, seals, gaskets, and o-rings with new premium quality parts. All metal repairs are performed and rotor sets are dynamically balanced. The airend is then assembled, pressure-tested, and painted and palletized. Following are some additional repairs we perform:
Restoration of rotor profiles
Restoration of worn or damaged sealing strips
Specialized welding repairs to meet the stringent forces the airend undergoes

*Subject to correct mtce interval services being carried out.

Refurbished Atlas Copco G series

Refurbished Atlas Copco G series

Elements for Atlas Copco´s G-series oil flooded screw compressors.

These are typical elements we can supply check your part number against our list of available air ends

Part numbers
1613218580, 1613218981, 1616533250, 1616533280, 1616533281, 1616528850, 1616528880, 1616528881, 1616671280, 1616671290, 1616706680, 1616706690, 1616714680, 1616714690, 1616714693, 2989001200, 2989001900, 2989007600, 2989010300, 2989010400, 2989012100, 2989012200, 2989015400, 2989015401, 2989015200, 2989015700, 2989015800, 2989015900, 2989016300.

Re-Bearing prices

Re-Bearing prices

Please provide your data plate details and current running hours of your GA GR compressor..

We will provide you with a price that Includes a Non Return Charge should you decide not to send back your old G air end.

Providing you send back your old air end and it can be simply rebearing the full NRC credit is returned to you...

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New for 2014 G Series Coolers NON OEM

New for 2014 G Series Coolers NON OEM

New for 2014 we have expanded our NON Orginal spare parts offer by including oil , aftercooler and Intercoolers to our product range.

Driving down the cost of compressed air is our goal for our customers

Replacement Gear sets for 'G' Series Oil Lubricated Compressors

Replacement Gear sets for 'G' Series Oil Lubricated Compressors

Contact us with your OEM part number and we can offer you our NON OEM alternative spare parts at lower prices than the Orginal Equipment supplier

Atlas Copco GA GR gear sets (NON OEM) can be supplied

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recycle-oil free elements...

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