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Advantages of Centrifugal Compressors

Centrifugal air and gas compressors also referred to as dynamic compressors, are designed to produce large volumes of compressed air in an extremely efficient process. Although manufacturers that require over 200 to 250 total horsepower tend to realize the greatest savings, all industrial manufacturers should consider the advantages of centrifugal technology.

Oil-Free Air Stream
The risk of trace oil reaching the finished product or oil contamination in equipment lines leading to higher maintenance and downtime is avoided with a centrifugal compressor. Condensate generated from a centrifugal compressor is not subject to the same local regulations as oil-contaminated condensate, allowing for easy and low-cost disposal.

Fewer Maintenance Requirements
Centrifugal compressors do not rely on wearing surfaces to create compression, leading to longer lasting bearings and other rotating components. The number of extra components such as oil and filters are drastically reduced saving material and labor costs. FS-Elliott air compressors take maintenance-friendly operation a step further by offering a horizontally split gear case, allowing full access to the gearbox in the field and avoiding costly downtime.

Increased Energy Efficiency
Available in up to four stages, centrifugal air compressors are on average 5% more efficient than older compressor designs. As the number of stages increases, the compression ratio is lower, meaning higher efficiency.

Choosing a Centrigugal Air Compressor

Your Guide to the Benefits of a Centrifugal Compressor
Understanding the benefits is the first step in reducing your compresed air costs. click here to read online

When purchasing an air compressor, it is critical to understand the total equipment life cycle cost to ensure you are selecting the most efficient compressor. Consider the following questions before you purchase a compressor to save time and money in the future:

How much energy does my current system require to meet demand?

Would reducing maintenance requirements allow internal resources to be used elsewhere?

Could a centrifugal compressor offer a solution for cost savings?

AirCompare will give you insight into the potential cost savings hidden in your air compressor system. To get started you will need:

- HP or kW rating of current compressors
- Annual operating hours
- Energy rate (from local energy supplier)

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