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When Dewpoint problems occur on your Atlas Copco MD dryer

When Dewpoint problems occur on your Atlas Copco MD dryer

When your MD dryer dewpoint fails it could be down to a number of reasons.

Insufficient Regen air temperature
Low loading of the Z compressor
Blocked drains
Drum Rotation failure etc

Air Hire can inspect your MD dryer and report on the condition for you...

Furthermore we offer a full MD dryer refurbishment package of the MD drum itself and the necessary parts to re build your dryer , including a back to base overhaul and re coat of your internal dryer if required a complete service...

Our experience on Atlas Copco equipment will ensure that your equipment is kept in tip top order and at cost effective prices for both labour, spare parts and replacement NON OEM MD drums

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Rebuilt MD drums from a Quality Service Provider Using the same quality material as the OEM's use is essential to providing a quality product and of course understanding the correct re build procedure as shown in the example graphic here.
Using the old drum metallics

Using the old drum metallics

Re-using the old MD drum outer cage and internal Venturi casting is normal procedure and after grit blasting and new seals etc the refurbished drum looks and performs like new.

Considering the savings (50% less than OEM in many cases) its good news to re cycle the existing drum metallic

After the process of rebuilding we carefully pack your drum in a Ztechnique packing case and ship to you whichever part of the World your in

You then simply need to return your old drum within 60 days from delivery of your refurbished drum to us for a NRC (Non Return Credit)

We guarantee all our refurbished drums for 12 months under normal operating conditions *

* you must prove services at 4000 hours have been undertaken

Pre Owned Refurbished MD Dryer Options

Pre Owned Refurbished MD Dryer Options

A recently overhauled Atlas Copco MD1000W dryer complete with latest upgrades.
The refurbished MD dryer represents excellent value for money at often 50% less than new MD dryer models.

For more information contact us 0044 1744 733211 or email us now

How do I go about ordering my refurbsihed drum

How do I go about ordering my refurbsihed drum

This is a fairly straightforward process.

We require this Information

Model of MD dryer from Data plate
Serial Number if available

Is the drum available to refurbish or do you require our drum first ?
Do you require a fitting kit (overhaul kit) ?

Required delivery date ?

Its then a simple enough process to begin manufacture of your drum if we don't currently have it in stock and send you a pro forma Invoice

Demister Pads In stock NON OEMDemister Pads In stock NON OEM
We have a complete range of NON OEM and OEM Demister pads in stock essential if your overhauling your MD dryer. Please contact our service department for more Information on your correct Demister pad required
MD Overhaul Kits NON OEM and OEM Available

MD Overhaul Kits NON OEM and OEM Available

If you require an overhaul or fitting kit for your MD dryer re build we can help with often NON OEM kits (as pictured here) available.

Please provide serial number and Model so we can correctly identify your kit required.

MD Dryer Service  Training available MD Dryer Service Training available
Maybe you want to take control of your compressed air network ?

to this end we provide training courses for all aspects of the Z and MD service and overhaul.

The course lasts two days during which time you will be capable of installing your own drum and carrying out 4000,8000, 16000 hour services and 40,000 overhaul. Sometimes its better we train you on your own equipment at the time of service or overhaul at a fixed training price

Need training ? email our service trainer now
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