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Take a look at BOGE HST Technology
Class '0' oil free air

BOGE's high speed turbo technology represents a quantum leap in compressed air innovation! Thanks to a radical reduction in the number of parts and an ingenious construction principle - the air-bearing drive shaft guarantees particularly low-wear operation - we have achieved drastic improvements in efficiency and a simultaneous 30% reduction in overall costs!
Take a look at BOGE HST Technology
BOGE HST ? Why buy anything else ? Lowest cost of ownership on the market

BOGE HST ? Why buy anything else ? Lowest cost of ownership on the market

Seldom does new compressed air technology make a change in the industry...

Until Now

The BOGE HST will make the difference to your oil free compressed decision in the future.

Take for example an Atlas Copco ZR200 air compressor. Its average Total Responsibility maintenance costs for 5 to 10 years will be significantly higher than a BOGE HST 220.

Why ?

Within 60,000 to 80,000 hours the Atlas Copco ZR200 will need a full overhaul that in 2016 will cost you around £45,000 pounds using OEM parts...

Add to this cost the A B C services (4000, 8000, 16,000 hour) spare parts and labour costs , consumable parts and oils over the 60 to 120 month period and the costs of all those parts adds up to double the cost of Total responsibility service for a BOGE HST over the same period

Why ?

The BOGE HST 220 has only one significant replacement parts each service... A panel filer...
The rest of the BOGE HST220 service is diagnostic checks and motor grease. NO OIL !!!

Service Comparison

The ZR200 TR Service would cost you around £12,000 pounds per annum including labour, parts and oils. Based on 8736 hours run per year

The BOGE HST on TR service would cost you around £6,000 pounds per annum* based on 8736 hours run per year.. (and no fixed overhaul period )

Add into the savings mix the 1.9 % off load running power figures compared to 25 to 20% for a fixed speed ZR200 and you can really see the savings accruing..

Each time we present the BOGE HST to a new client the same statement comes back time and time again..

Why would you not buy the BOGE HST compressor ?

Trade in of your dry screw compressor available
Lease packages available
*Dependant on location

If you require more information about the BOGE HST Models you can visit our dedicated web site page on the left of this page or call us on 00 44 1744 733211 for more information and a quotation.

Boge technology

The Compact Machine Series for Virtually Any Area of Application

Only where is no oil inside, no oil can leave. Our new "High Speed Turbo" Compressors are designed in such a way that the entire drive mechanism operates entirely without lubricants - giving you the security of a 100% oil-free compressed air supply at all times. A "permanent magnet" motor and one-of-a-kind air-supported motor shaft ensure reliable, low-maintenance operation and minimal energy consumption, rendering BOGE's HST technology a globally unique innovation on two counts: its drive technology on one hand and its minimal footprint, weight and noise pressure on the other

Watch the HST BOGE Turbo in Action

Watch the HST BOGE Turbo in Action

Download link Brochure HST

Download link Brochure HST

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